Patti Taylor, Pilates Client

“I have prolapsed discs which have caused, with increasing regularity, extremely debilitating sciatica. My excellent osteopath and a lumbar epidural injection got rid of the worst of the symptoms, but he suggested that I seek the help of a qualified Pilates instructor to improve my alignment and core strength. Karen came recommended by a neighbour and before she started working on me she checked my condition with my osteopath. I have been seeing her on a regular basis for one-to-one sessions since March and she has, quite literally, transformed my life.

“Karen’s expertise has identified areas of weakness I did not know existed and, by tailoring exercises to target these areas, I am now able to stand straighter, have more energy, and to date have had no recurrence of my problem. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough: she is very knowledgeable, highly skilled, professional and a lot of fun.”

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