Post Natal Exercise

Dear Post Natal Mummy,

You’ve recently had a baby and you are now ready to do something about the way you look and feel in your body.

You are a women who wants to get back in control of your body and the way you feel.

You want to feel fitter, stronger, lose weight and walk taller.

You want to have more energy.

You want to address your pelvic floor and tummy issues.

You don't like how your body has changed, how your body feels, and you don’t like how out of control you feel. This was not how it was meant to be!

You want to have more energy and feel less tired.

You want effective ways of getting your power back.

You want to stop questioning your ability as a mother and stop berating yourself for how you look and feel.

You want a solution that fits into your life and provides long lasting results.

You are ready and willing to put time and effort into making those choices that bring you back to feeling fabulous again.

You want to know the best and safest and most long lasting way of getting yourself back into shape and feeling like you again.

You want a greater understanding of how best to feel in control when everything feels out of control.

Is this you? Get ready because together you can attain these things. I help women like you every week and I would love to help you too. Let me show you what I do and I hope to meet you soon...

Karen Appleson

Pilates Classes

Pilates Pull-Ins

Perfect for strengthening, lengthening and restoring suppleness, and addressing abdominal strength. Pilates classes is a great option for new mums.

Buggy Fitness Classes

Buggy Walking

Buggy Classes get you and your baby into the fresh air and having fun! This class is perfectly challenging for post natal mums, working parts of you that pregnancy and birth weaken, and all the while giving you chance to exercise and socialise safely and effectively.

Feel better, move better

Karen Appleson Personal Training

Work with me to make significant changes that will bring you closer to how you really want to feel and move! You can sign up for a free discovery session that aims to uncover what specific issues you want to change and how to achieve it through a tailored nutrition and exercise plan.