E Rubinstein, Circuits Course

“I look forward to Monday morning’s circuits class. It is the perfect way to start the week with a challenge.
“Working outdoors in the summer garden creates a calm setting with plenty of space. Karen works with each person to get the most out of our exercise routine. Everyone has different areas of weakness and she addresses them well. I also found it useful to include several one on one sessions to improve and focus specifically on alignment, core strength and agility. As for achievement… two dress sizes was my superficial goal and Karen helped me get there!”

G Cohen, Pilates Client

I love going to my weekly Pilates class – after a strong, focussed workout, we do some meditation, I feel so relaxed afterwards & have a great nights sleep!

Laura Niles, Buggy fitness

Buggy fitness is a great way to ease you back into exercise after giving born, Harry and I loved it. It gets you out and about in the fresh air making it very good for us both! Karen has great advice and expertise along the way, she has a very friendly approach which makes you feel like you have known her for years, but she doesn’t let you get away with slacking and encourages you to push a little harder. We have met new friends along the way to so really helps to extend that support network too.

Dr L Zibarras, Buggy Classes

I’ve really enjoyed my weekly buggy fit class.  They get me out of the house – and amazingly even though I did them all the way through the winter, the sun always seemed to shine! The exercise is nicely challenging and I really feel so much more toned than I would have done without the classes. Karen really gets us to work muscles you barely knew existed… and you are always sore for the next day or so, so you always know you had a good workout

Rosa Howard, Outdoor Classes

I love Karen’s classes, I feel amazing for the rest of the day, she really knows each our bodies, our strengths and weaknesses and pushes us to work the right bits! We have a huge amount of fun even when it hurts (in a good way!). Due to other commitments I can’t make it every week and miss it terribly!


Rebecca Barnett, Personal Training Client

“In my experience Karen is an extremely committed and knowledgeable Pilates trainer and overall fitness instructor.  She takes the time to get to know you and tailor the sessions to your needs while gently pushing you to get the most out of them. I always felt well cared for and that I had all her attention while with her and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mandy Abkin, Personal Training Client

“Karen is responsible for getting me fit! When I started training with her 11 years ago I did no exercise at all. She was my inspiration. Her knowledge is immense, and her manner and warmth is amazing. She knows exactly how to encourage me, push me, entertain me and distract me. She has taught me to understand the importance of correct form – once you’ve got this right, it never leaves you.

“Karen is  always positive and cheerful. She knows her stuff, and when I can’t manage something, she provides a variation that allows me to build up to the full exercise. Most importantly she is NOT a one trick pony! She is an outstanding Pilates teacher as well as a general fitness instructor. I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen as a trainer, without reservation.”

Sharon Starr, Post-Natal Pilates Client

“I always look forward to Monday evenings, where I indulge in an hour of exercise, stretching and relaxation as part of my post-natal Pilates class with Karen.

“Karen takes the class through a number of exercises which are tailored to pinpoint particular aches and pains, and to help Mums look after themselves at the same time as looking after their babies. Karen is great teacher and I would highly recommend her classes.”

Celia, Buggy Class Client

“The Buggy Class with Karen has been essential for me after giving birth. It’s an awesome way to get out and exercise while caring for your baby. Karen is pushing you so you can get back into shape but gently enough so you are not rushing or hurting yourself. It’s also a good way to meet some new mums and sweat while doing some talk! It pushed me to go out rain or shine (we even did a few classes in the snow) get some fresh air for baby and get energized at the same time. I highly recommend it to all new mums!”

Patti Taylor, Pilates Client

“I have prolapsed discs which have caused, with increasing regularity, extremely debilitating sciatica. My excellent osteopath and a lumbar epidural injection got rid of the worst of the symptoms, but he suggested that I seek the help of a qualified Pilates instructor to improve my alignment and core strength. Karen came recommended by a neighbour and before she started working on me she checked my condition with my osteopath. I have been seeing her on a regular basis for one-to-one sessions since March and she has, quite literally, transformed my life.

“Karen’s expertise has identified areas of weakness I did not know existed and, by tailoring exercises to target these areas, I am now able to stand straighter, have more energy, and to date have had no recurrence of my problem. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough: she is very knowledgeable, highly skilled, professional and a lot of fun.”