3rd Age Woman

Dear 3rd Age Woman ready to make a change,

You are a women in her 40s or older, looking to feel fantastic whilst your body is changing.

You want to get a handle on what is going on, you don’t want to just give into ‘age’ and gravity.

You are looking to feel stronger, fitter and more in control whilst your body is changing.

Your energy is not what it used to be, you want that energy back.

You don’t like how your body is feeling squidgier, you never used to have fat around your middle.

You are not sleeping well, you feel completely out of synch.

You find it hard to switch off and slow down.

Your eating is all over the place, you want to regain some control.

You have tried so many different things and ways to deal with what has been going on with your mind and body and now:

You want effective strategies to address these changes;

You want this time to be immensely positive and not awful;

You want to be supported throughout….

You are ready and willing to put time and effort into making those choices that bring you back to feeling fabulous again.

You want to know the best and safest and most long lasting way of getting yourself back into shape and feeling like you again.

You want a greater understanding of how best to feel in control when everything feels out of control.

Is this you? Get ready because together you can attain these things. I help women like you every week and I would love to help you too. Let me show you what I do and I hope to meet you soon...

Karen Appleson

Outdoor Circuits

Outdoor circuits

An outdoor circuits class is the perfect way to start the week with a challenge and fresh air! This will really boost your energy, burn fat and tone muscle. This bootcamp style class is run in small groups so that everyone has the chance to work within their capacity with expert guidance.

Pilates classes

3rd Age Pilates

Pilates improves Posture and a feeling of well-being for women in their 3rd Age(over 40!) It is incredibly effective to restore flexibility, core strength and suppleness.

Feel better, move better!

Karen Appleson Personal Training

Work with me to make significant changes that will bring you closer to how you really want to feel and move! You can sign up for a free discovery session that aims to uncover what you need to regain hormone balance, energy levels, health and fitness in the 3rd age (40 ish!).